What is an Outdoor Cinema Concert Experience?
Outdoor Cinemas are very popular these days, so meet the big brother of Outdoor Cinema….our Outdoor Cinema Concert Experience!

Firstly, our supersized LED outdoor screen boasts a super-bright crystal clear picture for the whole audience to view with ease, even in direct sunlight.. Secondly, our music themed films are played using the best concert sound system on the market, allowing for an incredible concert style sing-along. Thirdly, entertainment before and after the screenings are all themed around the film you are watching, allowing for an electric atmosphere from your fellow concert cinema goers creating the perfect feel-good buzz before, during and after the film screening. Finally, the experience of watching a film in this concert-style environment is one of the best ways to watch music orientated movies - and one which you’re sure to love this summer!

Please note: there is no live music played along to the film screening, this is due to licensing restrictions.

Please select below which event / area you are looking for information on, as both venues are very different: